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Won't pass this one up again...

I definitely wont be passing this bottle up again! A few months back I decided to try Calumet Farms Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, Single Rack Black 10 year. Time and time before I passed by the Small Batch, Calumet Farms Bourbon, turned off by reviews saying it was over priced and didn't live up to the purchasers expectations, but seeing the 10 year label I suppose sucked me in so I took the plunge...and it was great! Bottled at 92 proof and aged for 10 years in select middle racks of the barrel house while sweet to the taste this bourbon will not disappoint.

That night, as is tradition, we grabbed the find of the day and broke out the old square tumblers. First taste must always be poured neat. He took a sip then handed me the glass with the usual stone face sworn to secrecy. Immediately notes of warm vanilla cookie filled my senses followed by a hint of citrus, developing in to full blown caramel apple cake with a cool oak frosting. I knew right way this was going to be something good. I took my first sip. It was tantalizing and sweet, warming my chest. The sweetness of the vanilla developing into a brown buttered caramel with a lasting finish kissed with oak. Yup, I decided, I definitely had been missing out. Now I am not super partial to sweet bourbons, but I like to have a variety of bourbons in my collection. So on those days when I am craving something sweet this will definitely be on the list.

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